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Mother's Day!

What will you be getting the matriarch of your family for Mother's Day?

Be unique!

By fostering an orphan elephant, rhino or tiger you will be helping to provide food, medical attention and the loving care that they need, while giving aid to conservation worldwide.

This is the gift of love!

Adopt a Maasai Village and receive a beautiful authentic piece of Maasai jewelry. This makes a wonderful gift!

Adopting an animal through BJWDF USA is one of the most worthwhile gifts you can give.


Because you are playing an important part in protecting a threatened species.

Adopting an animal is a great way of supporting the rehabilitation and care of orphaned animals as well as providing funds for the conservation of that species in the wild. Adoptions make a wonderful gift and our programs have exclusive gift packs for you to choose. All adoptions run for one year initially, we will then write to you with a invitation to continue adopting if you wish.

Please click on the type of animal you are interested in adopting for more details...