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Each year about 20 baby elephants from the ages of a few days to six months become orphans in Kenya due to their mother being killed for her tusks, which are torn from her mouth and sold.

We have commenced work on a brand new purpose built elephant orphanage in the Abedare National Park in association with Kenya Wildlife Service. This new orphanage will cost around $43,000 per year to run, but will allow those of you who foster your orphan elephants to actually holiday with your babies, such as 'Mumbai'!


Mumbai is a solitary young bull who was rejected from his herd at about the age of two.  Mumbai really should not have survived as elephants normally don't leave the herd until they are at least four or five.

Mumbai is a couragous, strong young bull whose characteristics are a great example for all of us.  An adoption of Mumbai will help to set up and maintain the orphanage in the Abedare National Park.

Adopt Mumbai!



Uaso was found at the Uaso Nyiro river with a spear wound in his shoulder, assumed to be from his mothers' poachers.  After his rehabilitation, Uaso has been released to the wild.

Now 8 years old, Uaso has gone wild in the Tsavo National Park.  He appears to be in very good health and is doing well in the wild.  As Uaso is wild, an adoption of Uaso will help to support the Kenya Wildlife Service in their anti-poaching efforts.

Adopt Uaso!

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