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Through our work with Lek at Elephant Heaven, Chiang Mai, Thailand we are fostering orphan babies such as 'Hope' and buying fully grown elephants off the streets and releasing them into the mountains donated to the project by the King of Thailand. You can visit all these elephants on the ground or on the web at www.thaifocus.com.


Hope9left) & Jungle Boy small4

As a baby, Hope watched his mother being killed. He was found terrified and underweight with infected bites. He refused to take milk or food and sobbed constantly. After tender loving care Hope has pulled through. He is now a happy, mischievous elephant. His days are spent with his step mom, his best friend Jungle Boy and other elephants in the park. By adopting Hope you can help fund his progress and also help the other elephants in the sanctuary.


Jokia & JungleBoysmall

Jokia the elephant was deliberately blinded by her owners by being repeatedlyhit. When she was pregnant she gave birth whilst she was being forced to work. Her baby rolled to the foot of the hill and Jokia was unable to help her baby because she was chained. Her baby died. After this traumatic experience Jokia refused to work angering her owners. When she was sold on to new owners for being stubborn they subsequently shot her in her remaining eye leaving her completely blind. She has since been rescued and has found an elderly elephant friend, Mae Perm who looks out for her. By adopting Jokia you can help ensure she never has to endure suffering like that in the future.