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Fundraising - Bill Jordan Wildlife Denfense Fund USA relies mainly on donations from the general public through direct mail and advertising. We have a large database of supporters divided into three categories:

The first is our contributers. BJWDF USA mails this list about every two months for specific appeals.

The second portion of the database consists of 'foster parents'. This is a scheme whereby the general public are invited to adopt an animal. BJWDF USA was one of the first charities to start such a project seeing the need to give something back to the donor. We currently have elephants, rhinos, tigers, cheetahs, river dolphins, and a Maasai Cultural Village on our adoption list.

A 'foster parent' receives a t-shirt or gift, a certificate with a color picture of the orphan and an update on their orphan's progress. We have found this to be very successful way to engender empathy.

The third part of the database is our membership database.  We offer 6 membership options.  Membership is for one year and you will receive our newsletter plus updates on the projects we are involved with.

Other Fundraising

BJWDF USA has had some success in generating funds from trusts and foundations in the past:

The Barbara Delano Foundation: $50,000 for the Ithumba Project - building a new security headquarters for the rangers of the Kenyan Wildlife Service, in Tsavo East National Park, North, 250 miles from the Somali border.

The Plum Foundation: $30,000 Orphan elephant rehabilitation/ conservation

The Plum Foundation: $10,000 Tiger conservation/protection

triangle tab Care for the Wild Kenya $1,500 De-Snaring Project