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Our hope for the future is that the Maasai warriors and African lions can live together in Kenya. Because of depredation of Maasai livestock by the lions, the Maasai have resorted to killing the lions. Being dependant of livestock alone, the Maasai have killed 27 of the 40 lions living in Nairobi National Park.

Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund USA in alliance with African Prop-poor Tourism Development Center, is funding a community project aimed at providing an incentive to the Maasai community to protect wildlife within the Kitengela Conservation Area. Through the development of the Olormakaun Maasai Cultural Village (Olormakaun is a Maasai word meaning hippo, as the village is located next to Hippo Point), we hope this can be possible.

Phase One of the project is complete, some aspects including the conservation education, registration of the group as a co-operative society, selling of land shares to the members (currently 51), construction of Maasai huts and goat pens, and much more.

Phase Two will include construction of 8 more Maasai huts, construction of the community curio shop, community lecture hall, bridge and cattle bomas, as well as preparation of camping grounds.

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