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Not Wild About Flying?

Join our Wild to Fly program by donating frequent flyer mileage that you don't plan to use - and enhance our capability to transport key staff to our projects around the world in our effort to continue to protect and preserve wildlife.

We graciously accept miles from any airline! Please call or email us for more information.

There is a new project in Nepal that deserves our immediate attention! We need to send a member of staff there to assess the situation and come up with an emergency fundraising plan. POACHERS ARE ON THE RISE! If you have ANY frequent flyer miles that you could donate, please contact our office as soon as possible. Call 800-WILD-101 or 608-442-3536 for information on how to donate your mileage.

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Lek & Elephant Heaven

In 1996, an amazing woman named Lek became so moved by the suffering of elephants she saw, she founded a sanctuary called 'Elephant Heaven'.  Through hard work and sheer determination, she is now at the forefront of efforts to protect the Asian elephant.

Elephants have been used for decades in Thailand for logging and more recently, tourism.  The Thai government pays little regard to their mistreatment.  Beating, injuring and overworking an elephant is of no concern. 

Lek's dream is to have enough land to give her elephants more freedom.  She has purchased 150 acres set in a beautiful, peaceful valley, but the land is divided by plantations.  She wants to buy another 500 acres to link these areas.  The land is available, but the money to buy it is not.

Not only would your support help Lek to purchase more land for the elephants, but it would allow Lek to take in more abused and injured elephants.  Your support would also allow Lek to purchase vital veterinary supplies.  She needs shelters for her staff and volunteers, as well as building supplies for maintenance.  She dreams of creating a hospital for old and sick elephants.

Stop the Press!  More funds needed immediately!

At the end of last year, Elephant Heaven was hit by a flash flood.  Unusually heavy rainfall caused the bordering river to burst its banks and most of the surrounding area, including Elephant Heaven, was flooded.  All the buildings, land and trees along the riverbank were washed away. 

Lek evacuated all the elephants to high ground and safety, but staff huts were swept away, as was much of the equipment needed to care for sick and injured elephants. 

Lek needs your help today more than ever.  Please support this appeal and allow us to help Lek repair the flood damage, rebuild Elephant Heaven, and buy more land and equipment to help save and protect even more elephants.

Visit Lek at www.thaifocus.com

To make a donation to Lek and Elephant Heaven, click here .

Adoption Pack $55

Adopt Hope, the Asian Elephant

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The project below - Maasai Village - is now completed

Thank you to all who donated!


Olormakaun Maasai Cultural Village

The lion population of Nairobi National Park in Kenya has drastically decreased due to conflicts with the Maasai warriors in the Kitengela Conservation Area resulting from depredation of Maasai livestock.  The Maasai are dependant on their livestock alone, and because of the lions' predation, 27 of the 40 lions in the park have been killed. 


Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund USA's newest project, in alliance with African Pro-poor Tourism Development Center, is funding a community project aimed at providing an incentive to the Maasai community to protect wildlife within the Kitengela Conservation Area.  Through the development of the Olormakaun Maasai Cultural Village (Olormakaun is a Maasai word meaning hippo, as the village is located next to Hippo Point), we hope that this can be possible.

Phase One:  The first phase of the project is complete, including conservation education, registration of the group as a co-operative society, selling of land shares to the members (currently 51), and construction of Maasai huts and goat pens.


Phase Two:  The second phase will include construction of 8 more Maasai huts, construction of the community curio shop, community lecture hall, bridge and cattle boma, as well as preparation of camping grounds. 

Please help us raise funds to complete the second phase of the project!  With an adoption of the Maasai village, you can receive an authentic Maasai bead necklace, bangle or other jewelry made for you by the Maasai women, along with an adoption certificate featuring the village and a 6 month update on the progress of the village.

Adoption Pack $55

(Example of authentic Maasai bead necklace)

Pro-poor jewelry

To make a donation to Olormakaun Maasai Cultural Village, click here .


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Aberdare Post Appeal

The Aberdare National Park is one of the most spectacular wildlife areas in East Africa. It is a mountainous area containing a wealth of species including the endangered black rhino and many elephants. It is famous for the Treetops Hotel where Princess Elizabeth was staying when her father King George VI died and she became Queen 50 years ago.

There is one major problem. The land around the park is fertile and intensively farmed, which is a great attraction to wildlife as an easy source of food. Elephants, baboons, as well as other species, come out of the park at night to feed on crops and destroy more than they eat, so they are shot by the farmers. Many are injured and retreat to the park to suffer.

The solution is to erect an electrified fence powered by solar panels, and a local charity called Rhino Ark was formed to tackle the fund raising and the work. 156 Kilometers of fence has already been erected to the delight of the farmers, but 160 Kilomete4rs still remain to be done. The fence serves another purpose - it deters poachers.

Until recently wooden posts were used and not only are they expensive but it depletes the forests of Kenya where there is a looming timber crisis. So Rhino Ark did some lateral thinking and began to make the posts from plastic waste which helps to relieve the country of choking plastic pollution. The waste is used raw without cleaning, fed into a milling machine and then through the extruder into a mould. The posts are 6 inches thick and 10 feet long. They have several advantages over wood. The electric wire can be fixed directly to the post without insulation. It is more difficult for baboons to maneuver over the smooth fence post as they now do with the wooden posts. The post doesn't break like the wooden post when leaned on be an elephant. They bend and spring back again. They are, of course, cheaper.

But! The machine to make them is old. Rhino Ark bought it second-hand. A new one costs $37,000. In addition, wire has to be purchased.

Rhino Ark came to us for help and we are asking for your support.

It is a most worthy project. The fence protects wildlife from poachers, protects farmland, recycles waste plastic and takes the pressure off forests.

Please help us. Adoption Pack $55

There is still 160 Kilometers of fencing to erect.

To make a donation to the Aberdare Fence Project, click here .

Firstgiving - easy way to donate online or set up your own Fundraising Page to raise funds for Rhino Ark/Rhino Charge


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Jokia the Elephant

Jokia the elephant was deliberately blinded by her owners by being repeatedly hit. When she was pregnant she gave birth whilst she was forced to work. Her baby rolled to the foot of the hill and Jokia was unable to help her baby because she was chained. Her baby died. After this traumatic experience Jokia refused to work angering her owners. When she was sold on to new owners for being stubborn they subsequently shot her in her remaining good eye leaving her completely blind! She has since been rescued and has found an elderly elephant friend, Mae Perm who looks out for her.



Adoption Pack $55


By adopting Jokia you can help to ensure she never has to endure suffering like that in the future.