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BJWDF USA has an informative and interesting school information pack. It includes copies of our newsletter, animal fact sheets, adoption information, stickers and one of Bill Jordan's true storybooks suitable for children.

Many schools support BJWDF USA through adopting one of our animals. Children's fundraising efforts are welcomed (with the involvement of an adult, of course) and all fundraising efforts are acknowledged with individual fundraising certificates. We can laminate a class certificate so it can be pinned up in a classroom. Adopting an animal can help to illustrate the importance of wildlife and give meaningful depth to wildlife projects at school.

Contact us to receive your school's information pack

Your class can also participate in our drawing contests.  Your students drawings will be displayed on the website, and the winner will receive prizes as well as have their drawing made into products to help us with fundraising.

"Roving Elephants" by Bradon, 11 years old