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Ways to Help

Your continued support is appreciated and much needed. We are asking you to consider ways you can help. It can be something as simple as adopting a tiger, becoming a member of BJWDF USA, or considering making a donation to Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund USA.

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Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund USA Memberships

By becoming a Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund USA member, you are making a year's contribution to BJWDF USA, and will remain on top of our news and accomplishments through our newsletters. You will also receive sneek preview information about our safari specials and any exciting upcoming events. There are many membership options to choose from!


  • $500.00
  • Receive a beautiful limited edition print


  • $250.00
  • Receive a large orphan elephant photo


  • $100.00
  • Receive a BJWDF t-shirt


  • $50.00
  • Receive a children's book about elephants


  • $25.00
  • Receive a small orphan elephant photo


  • $___________
  • Receive a small thank you gift from BJWDF


To become a BJWDF USA member, click here.


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BJWDF USA Fostering Programs

Adopting an animal through BJWDF USA is one of the most worthwhile gifts you can give.


Because you are playing an important part in protecting a threatened species.

Adopting an animal is a great way of supporting the rehabilitation and care of orphaned animals as well as providing funds for the conservation of that species in the wild. Adoptions make a wonderful gift and our programs have exclusive gift packs for you to choose from. All adoptions run for one year initially, and we will follow-up and write to you with an invitation to continue adopting if you wish.

Please click on the type of animal you are interested in adopting for more details...

To adopt and foster an animal, click here.

Making a Donation to Bill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund USA
By making a donation to BJWDF USA, you are helping animals everywhere get the care and protection that they deserve. Your donations will be used to provide food, shelter, care and protection to animals in places such as Africa, Thailand, the Galapagos Islands and Nepal.

To make a donation, click the button below:


Would you like your school to know more about wildlife issues?
BJWDF USA have an informative and interesting school information pack. It includes copies of our newsletter, animal fact sheets, adoption information, stickers and one of Bill Jordan's true story books suitable for children.

Many schools support BJWDF USA through adopting one of our animals. Children's fundraising efforts are welcomed (with the involvement of an adult of course) and all fundraising efforts are acknowledged with individual fundraising certificates. We can laminate a class certificate so it can be pinned up in a classroom. Adopting an animal can help to illustrate and give meaningful depth to wildlife projects at school.

If you move on please don't forget us!
If you have recently moved or you're about to move, please don't forget to send us your change of address. We don't want to lose touch with you and redirected mail doesn't always reach its new destination. So if it's a change of name or address or any other change you think we need to know please tell us!

Where there is a will...
You may have already made your Will. You may be thinking about making a Will but you're not quite sure where to start. You may have considered including BJWDF USA in your Will. If any of this sounds familiar, please contact us. You will be given any assistance you need. All legacies are recorded by BJWDF USA in a beautiful book of remembrance.

Company Sponsorships
BJWDF USA seeks to form partnerships with enlightened, progressive companies which will further the charity's objectives while bringing real reciprocal benefits to the corporate sectors. There are many options on which to base such partnerships and all can be tailored to meet the sponsor's objectives. In addition to individual projects, corporate partners can also sponsor programs, or families of related projects.

BJWDF USA would like to thank the following businesses and groups for aiding us and our work in a variety of ways...

Magic Edge Web Design

Advertisers Press

BR Diamond Suite


Brava Magazine - Erickson Publishing

Rapid Refill Ink, Madison

G.W.Stolen Office Administration



Douglas Aja

Best Western, Inn on the Park, Madison

Great Dane Pub and Brewing Co.

Lucie Bilodeau


To find out more, please contact us.